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Michael Grady Ministries

Michael Grady teaching a church congregation

During his professional career as a CPA, Michael acted primarily as a trusted advisor and along the way became an experienced educator and professional speaker. As a result, he has written and presented numerous continuing education courses, college courses, and marketing presentations. 


While he has had a successful business career, Michael will tell you that his Christian ministry is the most important aspect of his life. In the same way that Paul made tents to earn a living, Michael offers advice to others.  


Michael has taught Sunday school and led Bible study groups to all ages (elementary school children, teenagers, and adults) for over 30 years.

He is a certified lay speaker within the United Methodist Church and a leader of an evangelistic association and is comfortable and knowledgeable speaking on a variety of Christian topics.  


To retell the Old Testament stories in a more engaging and easier to understand format has been a desire of Michael’s for more than three decades. 


In 2015, Michael completed his first in a series of books titled, Making God Part of your Family, The Family Bible Study. Volume 2 in this series was published in 2019. Volume 3, the latest in the series, was published in 2023.

Did You Know...

Michael is available to speak at churches, schools, or special events?

He works with a team of Christians that can put together a Sunday event for your Church, a revival, or plan a weekend that includes planned Bible teachings for all ages and worship services filled with music and testimonies.

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