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Making God Part of Your Family

"Making God Part of Your Family" is not just a book of Bible stories; it is a study book. Whether your goal is to spend 10-15 minutes on a dinner-time devotional or bedtime reading with your children, or spend more in-depth study time together once a week, this flexible resource will make it easier to carve out time amidst hectic schedules to study the Bible together, and help you to:


* Develop a deeper relationship with God our Father, and his son, Jesus;

* Learn how we are part of God’s family;

* Learn how God expects us to live amidst the joys and sorrows of life;

* Apply practical lessons and eternal truths to the situations you face today.

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What is Making God Part of Your Family all about?

Michael Grady - Making God Part of Your Family

Michael Grady - Making God Part of Your Family

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Michael Grady, Author

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Making God Part of Your Family is foundational to the passion Michael Grady has for family devotional time.

Through his many years of teaching, Michael discovered that very few people have even a basic knowledge or understanding of the Bible. 


All volumes are the retelling of the Old Testament stories in an easy to understand format that is relevant for life today. The books are designed to engage people of all ages to help them develop a relationship with God through His word.


"If you are like most families, your schedule is probably busier than ever...making it difficult to find any time to spend together as a family, leaving little or not time for God.  If a relationship with God and learning more about him is important to you and your family, this book series is for you." - Michael Grady, Author

Outdoor Reading
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Our Ministry

Michael Grady Ministries exists to:


EQUIP believers with a greater understanding of the Scriptures 

ENCOURAGE regular engagement with the Scriptures

EMBOLDEN believers to confidently share the Scriptures


Making God Part of Your Family, the series, will help you and your family in these important areas.





We Would Love to Hear from You

Use the form below to contact Michael Grady Ministries.  Whether you have questions about Michael Grady Ministries resources, or you would like to invite Michael to speak at a church or youth ministry event, we would love to get to know you.

Thanks for reaching out. We'll be in touch soon.

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Florence, South Carolina 29505


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