Making God Part of Your Family  brings to light the passion that Michael Grady has for family devotional time.  Both volumes are the retelling of the Old Testament stories in an easy to understand format that is relatable to today's life.  Michael's mother, the late Martha Grady, began telling him Bible Stories when he was five years old.  These stories instilled in him a life-long love for reading and studying the Bible and he is excited to share his knowledge and love for God with others!

If you want to learn  

  • how to develop a better and deeper understanding of God, Our Father, and his son Jesus

  • how we are all part of God's Family


  • how God expects us to live amidst the joys and sorrows of everyday life

Read Making God Part of Your Family today!

Making God Part of Your Family

 Meet Christian Author Michael Grady

"If you are like most families, your schedule is probably busier than ever...making it difficult to find any time to spend together as a family, leaving little or not time for God.  If a relationship with God and learning more about him is important to you and your family, this book is for you."

Volume 2 - Now Available!

-From the Author of - Making God Part of Your Family.   
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