Our children have been guided and learned to know the Lord with enthusiasm through the way you taught them the stories in the Bible. You have a gift to make the stories come alive. We will look forward to sharing God through your book with our grandchildren (down the road) and other family members.   

                                                               Kate and Chuck

Author: Michael Grady

Even at the age of 25, I am reminded by reading “Making God Part of Your Family” just how Glorious our God truly is, and how his love is infinitely unconditional. This book helped me to better understand the stories of the Old Testament stories that I thought I already knew.  It’s like I have fallen in love with my God and all of his glory all over again! 
                                                                             Jamie H.

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Making God Part of Your Family  is Michael's first published book. It has been a desire of his for over twenty-five years.  While he has enjoyed a successful business career as a certified public accountant and has written and presented numerous formal educational and business courses and articles, this is his first full-length book.

Through his many years of teachings, he discovered that very few people had even a basic knowledge of the Bible.  He has designed this first volume in story form to engage people of all ages to help them develop a relationship with God's Word, understand the meaning and learn how to apply to everyday life.

Michael lives in Florence, SC with his wife, Nan.  They also have one son and daughter and three wonderful grandchildren.   Michael enjoys professional and college football and is an avid Alabama fan -- Roll Tide!